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Derived from the beautiful southern California Trendsetters Volleyball Store has been a huge success. We decided to take the next step and share our most popular apparel and accessories with you.  We want you to play hard, look good, and have fun on and off the court.

October is a great month for teams to come together to help spread the word about Breast Cancer Awareness. So we have decided to feature our best selling breast cancer awareness apparel in our new online store.  By wearing our pink tee, sweatshirt, pink socks, or laces, or a headband to show your support and awareness is awesome.  It is a reminder for all women that early detection saves lives.  

Make sure you order one for everyone on your team and help spread the hope and find a cure. It's all online, so lets go shopping!

 USE discount code PLAY for 10% off your purchase.

Live. Love. Play.        



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